About Michael Nash


Design isn't brain surgery, but
it can still change your mind.

In brief

Born in London, I began my career there.

Art has always been a love of mine and Graphic Design was a natural continuation of creative opportunities. I am one of a generation which trained on drawing boards and transitioned to software - so equally comfortable with a Mac and marker.
My work has been reproduced on bottles and packs upon supermarket shelves, in magazines and newspapers, and even on Ferraris and articulated lorry trailers.

Having gained valuable food and drink expertise designing for clients such as Tesco, Whitbread and Scottish & Newcastle whilst at Hertford-based Fullpoint, I'm now the Creative Director at Wonderstruck.
Michael Nash Graphic Designer
Michael Nash
Graphic Designer

As well as design for established businesses, I'm frequently briefed to create new names for Entrepreneurs and start-ups.

To date, I've created hundreds of successful cross sector brand names for companies, products and services.

I am currently writing about the approach I take for naming challenger brands, with a view to publication in 2017.