Corkers Crisps & Popcorn
British Good Taste


Naming through to packaging design.

Corkers Popcorn Pack Design
Corkers Crisps Range Packaging Design
Quintessentially British, Corkers Crisps are made from delicious ‘Naturalo’ (previous naming invention of mine) potatoes grown in the rich Fenland soil of Cambridgeshire, and are the inspiration of entrepreneurs Ross Taylor and Rod Garnham.

Stocked nationally in a variety of exquisite flavours, this brand required all the character of an honest, down-to-earth, no nonsense squire.

I'm proud to be the designer of the original packs and now the refreshed versions. Working closely with the clients, we celebrated the new look with an addition to the icon set of a bowler hat. All the icons avoid the obvious London centric landmarks, with an eclectic mix of popular British symbols, from a Britpop guitar to the evergreen Mini.

These icons now prominently pour from the pack face aligning themselves with the crisps. I updated the strapline from Natural British Crunch to British Good Taste in anticipation of the brand expanding its tasty snacks portfolio into areas such as popcorn.
Naturalo Brand Design
Corkers Crisps New Bag Design