Hey Like Wow


Naming, strapline & brand design.

Hey Like Wow Bottle Design
Hey Like Wow Brand Naming
Hey Like Wow is a phrase myself and a couple of friends used as students in the mid 80s.

I recalled it for this project because a ground breaking product requires an equally inspirational name – and it's what comes to mind when you try this soft drink. Hey Like Wow is a vitamin-enriched, sugar and preservative free refresher that has the added 'wow' factor of a push button cap.

As a designer I'm always excited when your preferred options are taken up, and Hey Like Wow is now the 2016 winner of The Drum Dream Award for packaging. I admire the brave and bold who see the potential in being different in mostly saturated markets.

Together we can all enjoy a healthier alternative to sugar-taxed sups and repeat the words Hey Like Wow!
Hey Like Wow Label Design Award
Hey Like Wow Brand Name Creative