Soups & Smoothies


Poster advertising campaign.

Photograph for Nou Soups Poster
Photograph for Nou Smoothies Poster
Created in 2009 and appealing to the healthier thinking at heart, my idea for this catering independents' in-store poster campaign was to give the customer food for thought.

It's all about how good you make someone feel, and Nou foods aspired to make everyone feel better with wholesome, healthy options.

Suppliers to trade outlets, Nou enjoyed a fresher angle on their promotional material, and these two posters concentrated on cues to engage the audience with sensations associated with good food eating experieces.

With fruit smoothies, it's about the blissful embrace of fresh fruit taste and the knowledge that it's marginally more envigorating than a fizzy pop, and arguably healthier.

Soups comfort and hug your taste buds warmly, just like the soothing therapy of good company amidst convivial surroundings.

Food is friendly. Both posters invite you to join them.
Nou Smoothies Poster Creative
Nou Soups Poster Photography Detail