Organic India
Ready Meals


Magazine advertising campaign.

Organic India Landscape Advert Design
Organic India Magazine Advertising
When Organic India hit the shelves of Sainsbury's with their delicious range of well prepared ready meals, they required magazine advertising to promote their position.

Riding on the crest of the first wave of organic options to flood into supermarkets, the communication had to work hard to ensure sceptical audiences understood that exquisite taste was retained and perhaps even enhanced with this new trend.

With explicit photography and conversational copy, the headlines were the icing on the cake, or shall we say mango on the curry. 'Pleasure is served' beckons you to your table, with the promise of a real food experience.

As a fan of the Julian Koenig penned 1950s and '60s adverts for Volkswagen, especially the classic, single-word headline 'Lemon', I was inspired to encapsulate both the expectation and nature of the product in my fun and apt word invention - Oohganic.
Photograph Perfect for Artisan Ready Meal Promotion
Organic India Advert Copywriting